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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What are the differences between Google Earth, Google Earth Plus and Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth, Google Earth Plus, Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Plus and Google Earth offer entertainment and information for personal use; Google Earth Pro offers powerful features for business and commercial use. Although our images are the same for all products, these can be distinguished by their functions.

Google Earth free Version

The free version of Google Earth, intended for non-commercial personal use, allows an interactive exploration in 3D of the planet through terabytes of aerial imagery and satellite. You zoom to specific places, see 3D terrain and buildings or looking for hotels or restaurants along with dozens of other attractions data layers. The results are displayed in the 3D Earth Viewer, so it's easy to search in multiple layers, save results to folders and share them with other users.

Google Earth Plus

Google Earth Plus offers all of the above and more. Some of its features are:
-Higher resolution printing for large and sharp results.
-Data import (which allows you to view up to 100 addresses of .csv files).
-Import of GPS data, allowing you to read points of monitoring and signalling of selected GPS devices.

Google Earth Pro

For professional and commercial use, Google Earth Pro is the research, presentations, and more advanced collaboration tool for geographic information. If you use Google Earth for business purposes, the Pro version is what you need. Google Earth Pro includes:
-A tool for measuring areas (to measure square meters, kilometers, acres, radios, etc.).
-Data import (which allows you to process up to 2,500 locations by address or by latitude and longitude coordinates).
-The best features of printing and storage (allowing prints large and crisp, of up to 4,800 pixels).
-Creator of movies.
-Importer of GIS data.
-Print Premium (which allows you to print high resolution images of size up to A3 or 4,800 pixels).
-By chat or e-mail customer support.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What is Google Earth Pro?

What is Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro provides a set of advanced features geared specifically towards business professionals. The integrated Movie Maker tool energy & utilities companies present location information to potential customers, overlaps of high resolution images simplify the site plans for the engineering and planning companies, while demographic data layers allow agencies of goods roots identify your next target market.

The first version of this software was launched ten years ago, and only two Google Earth became the most popular mapping display. Until now, Google Earth had maintained a public and free access through your free license, but there was also a payment option under the name Google Earth Pro, with some more advanced features. Now, Google Earth Pro is free for all users.

Since the arrival of Google Maps has been reduced somewhat their use, but in millions of computers worldwide have installed yet a copy of Google Earth which is undoubtedly an excellent program of mapping with which we can make all kinds of measurements, plan a trip, studying the geography of other countries and much more. Based on different satellite images, Google Earth offers the best experience we can find in this category, and also has adapted versions for different mobile operating systems.

However, more interesting still is Google Earth Pro, which in addition to the features of the program in its basic or free license, includes other features that only the professionals have been using for years. Now, thanks to the arrival of Google Earth Pro for free, will be available in addition to the basic options, as follows:

Precise measurements of buildings in 3D.
Printing of images in high resolution for presentations and reports.
Recording HD virtual flights through Google Earth Pro.
How to download Google Earth Pro on your computer
If we want to enjoy these advantages of the Pro version of the software of cartography of the Mountain View company, the only thing we have to do is fill in the corresponding registry data and wait the answer - email - Google with our password. Once we have this information, you can insert it into the program Google Earth Pro, which you can download via this link.