Friday, May 20, 2016

Tips and tricks for Google Earth

Tips and tricks for Earth Google

With Google Earth, you can explore the world in many different ways.

Find and runs through your favorite places
Visit your home address: navigate directly to your home or look for the address.
Fly all over the world: visit sites around the globe with the Flight Simulator.
Record and playback your favorite trips: choose the places you wish to visit, mark them on the map and record a trip to play it later or share it with other people.
Add your photos to Google Earth: put your photos directly on the globe so that, whenever you visit a place, you can see them along with the photos that already exist in the map.

Learn about the world
See how looks the Earth with the following functions:

Layer Traveler: It examines realistic views of streets, the ground, cities, 3D buildings, etc.
Historical layer: Check out how the various locations have changed over time.
View of the sky: looks at the sky from anywhere in which you find yourself in Google Earth.
Screenshots of 3D terrain: examines how are mountains, canyons and other natural landscapes.

Query how other people used Google Earth
To monitor and improve public health: A company used Google Earth to monitor the air quality and noise levels in order to improve the environment.
For planning a recreational sporting event: A group of runners drew up the map of a 320-km relay race to be prepared to face the ground.
To help a local economy in difficulties: A nonprofit group trained to Governments and local communities in developing country so that they could create sustainable enterprises in the same place.

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