Saturday, May 14, 2016

Versions of Google Earth

Versions of Earth Google

The Google Earth software is available in several versions:

According to the level of benefits: these are divided into two paid versions and a free version.
Depending on the operating system: Google provides updates for Windows (XP and 2000), and the novelty of 2006 is the version for Mac OS operating system. On June 12, 2006, Google released the first version of Google Earth for Linux (Beta 4).
The version of Google, 4.x, has a component that allows that he is displayed on any operating system, referred to as QT4, product of a Dutch company. Therefore the usability in terms of operating systems is very extensive.
Version 5 allowed the three-dimensional scan of the bottom of the oceans, by adding, at the same time, animation of movement of surface water in seas and oceans. In this regard was also added a specific layer of information.
Version beta allows better integration of Google Street View in Google Earth. Add trees in three dimensions for some cities in the United States, Europe and Japan. Access to historical images (where any) was also streamlined.
The latest version (6.2) integrates the possibility to login with Google account, save the data stored in Google Earth and share photos taken on Google +.

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