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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

View or delete searches on Google Earth

View or delete searches on Earth Google

You can view or delete previous Google Earth search results on the computer at any time.

See a list of previous search results

Google Earth saves the most recent searches. You can see them in a drop-down list when you start typing in the search box.

Also, you can see a list of previous searches:

1 Go to the search box that is located in the left pane under "Search".
2 In the bottom right, under the search box, click history. To the left of "Search history", is a checkmark Chrome icon checkmark icon mobile.
3 If the search history still is not open, go to the end of the row and click on the plus sign +. Shows a list of folders for each of the places that you looked.
4 To open a folder, go to the end of the row and click on +. A list of search results is shown below.
5 Double click on the link to any of the places you want to see. Earth will be close to the location.

Note: If there are no saved search results, a message that says "your search history is empty" is displayed.

Delete previous searches:

1 Go to the search box that is located in the left pane under "Search".
2 In the bottom right, under the search box, click history.
3 In the lower right corner of the "Search" section, click clear history.

Note: The delete history button appears at the end of the list of search results. If weather is that you do not delete the history, it is possible you may need to scroll to see it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What are the differences between Google Earth, Google Earth Plus and Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth, Google Earth Plus, Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Plus and Google Earth offer entertainment and information for personal use; Google Earth Pro offers powerful features for business and commercial use. Although our images are the same for all products, these can be distinguished by their functions.

Google Earth free Version

The free version of Google Earth, intended for non-commercial personal use, allows an interactive exploration in 3D of the planet through terabytes of aerial imagery and satellite. You zoom to specific places, see 3D terrain and buildings or looking for hotels or restaurants along with dozens of other attractions data layers. The results are displayed in the 3D Earth Viewer, so it's easy to search in multiple layers, save results to folders and share them with other users.

Google Earth Plus

Google Earth Plus offers all of the above and more. Some of its features are:
-Higher resolution printing for large and sharp results.
-Data import (which allows you to view up to 100 addresses of .csv files).
-Import of GPS data, allowing you to read points of monitoring and signalling of selected GPS devices.

Google Earth Pro

For professional and commercial use, Google Earth Pro is the research, presentations, and more advanced collaboration tool for geographic information. If you use Google Earth for business purposes, the Pro version is what you need. Google Earth Pro includes:
-A tool for measuring areas (to measure square meters, kilometers, acres, radios, etc.).
-Data import (which allows you to process up to 2,500 locations by address or by latitude and longitude coordinates).
-The best features of printing and storage (allowing prints large and crisp, of up to 4,800 pixels).
-Creator of movies.
-Importer of GIS data.
-Print Premium (which allows you to print high resolution images of size up to A3 or 4,800 pixels).
-By chat or e-mail customer support.

Monday, May 9, 2016

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth?

Google Earth is a computer program that displays a virtual globe that displays multiple cartography, photography-based satellite.

The program was created under the name of EarthViewer 3D Keyhole Inc company, financed by the Central Intelligence Agency. The company was bought by Google in 2004 by absorbing the application.

Google Earth map is composed of a superimposition of images obtained from satellite, aerial photography, geographic information from images of the world GIS data models and models created by computer. The program is available in several licenses, but the free version is the most popular available for mobile devices, tablets, and personal computers.

The first version of Google Earth was launched in 2005 and is currently available on PC for Windows, Mac and Linux. Google Earth is also available as a plugin to be viewed from the web browser. In 2013 Google Earth had become the most popular program to visualize cartography, with more than 1 billion downloads. 1 2

Many users use the application to add their own data, making them available through various sources, such as blogs or Bulletin Board Systems. Google Earth can show different layers of image on top of the base and is also a valid client for a Web Map Service. Google Earth supports by using the Keyhole Markup Language files three-dimensional geospatial data or. kml.

Initially, Keyhole was a program of payment until October 27, 2004 it was purchased by Google. On 21 May 2005 Keyhole was renamed Google Earth. In June 2005 the main novelty was, apart from the change of name and owner, that the program had a free version (unlike Keyhole, which was payment in all its versions, although it was possible to have a trial version for a limited time). This program also incorporates Maps, which serves to find streets, avenues and business and enlarge them in a very realistic way.

The Google Earth software is available in several versions:

According to the level of benefits: these are divided into two paid versions and a free version.
Depending on the operating system: Google provides updates for Windows (XP and 2000), and the novelty of 2006 is the version for Mac OS operating system. On June 12, 2006, Google released the first version of Google Earth for Linux (Beta 4).
The version of Google, 4.x, has a component that allows that he is displayed on any operating system, referred to as QT4, product of a Dutch company. Therefore the usability in terms of operating systems is very extensive.
Version 5 allowed the three-dimensional scan of the bottom of the oceans, by adding, at the same time, animation of movement of surface water in seas and oceans. In this regard was also added a specific layer of information.
Version beta allows better integration of Google Street View in Google Earth. Add trees in three dimensions for some cities in the United States, Europe and Japan. Access to historical images (where any) was also streamlined.
The latest version (6.2) integrates the possibility to login with Google account, save the data stored in Google Earth and share photos taken on Google +.