Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to use Google Earth

How to use Earth Google

The following diagram describes some of the features available in the main window of Google Earth.

1 Search Panel: this panel allows you to search sites and directions, as well as manage search results. It is possible that additional tabs in this section appear in Google Earth EC.

2 3D Viewer: this window allows you to see the planet and their relief.

3 The toolbar buttons: then you can find more information.

4 Navigation controls: these controls allow you to zoom in or zoom out, as well as observing it and go through it. More information about how to use the navigation controls.

5 Option to log in with your Google account: If you log in to your account, you can share on Google + or email the images that you see on Google Earth.

6 Street View: close the map image, and then drag the little orange man to see images of street.

7 'Places' Panel: this panel allows you to find, save, organize and revisit placemarks.

8 The "Places" panel search box: search your sites to be able to access them easily.

9 "Layers" Panel: this panel allows you to display points of interest.

10 Tourist Guide: Explore interesting places around the world.

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