Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Moon, Mars and Hubble with Google Earth

The Moon, Mars and Hubble with Earth Google

The latest version (5.0) of Google Earth enable the user to see images in 3D of the Moon and the planet Mars, Google Earth you can:

Make visits landing places-guided, narrated by the astronauts of the Apollo program.
View 3D models of ships of space missions.
See pictures at 360 degrees and discover details such as traces of the astronauts.
See unpublished television images of the missions of the Apollo program.

With the function of Mars in Google Earth, you can:
View images downloaded by NASA makes only a few hours in the layer of live from Mars.
Take an interactive tour to Mars.
View 3D models of vehicles explorers and follow their travels
See high-resolution 360-degree panoramic views.
Look for famous places of the Martian landscape, as the face of Mars or Mount Olympus.

The telescope Hubble in orbit in 1990:
The NASA Hubble Telescope has revolutionized astronomy and has served as inspiration for a whole generation thanks to the wonderful prospects of the universe that offers. Through this application, are allowed to observe 20 favorite images of the Space Telescope Science Institute allowing us to travel to the ends of the universe.

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